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In preparation for the Chinese New Year that’s coming up this week on February 4th, 2011, I have decided to make some Taiwanese Niu Row Mein (Taiwanese Beef & Noodles).  This will be our fifth recipe for the International Pressure Cooking theme.


I am Chinese.  Born in Taiwan, but raised in the U.S.  And with the new Lunar year starting this week, there’s going to be lots of cooking, eating, cleaning and cooking some more.  Although Beef & Noodles aren’t really considered a traditional New Years dish, it’s still got noodles in it, and noodles signify longevity in the Chinese culture.  Which means, no cutting of the noodles when you eat it, or else it will cut your life short.  Which also means, when you see Chinese people eating noodles, there’s always a lot of noisy slurping.  See, now it all makes sense!  Okay, that’s all just silly superstition anyway.  To learn more about the Chinese New Year and the special foods that are prepared and the history, click here.



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